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A Letter to my Daughter.

Hello my Baby Girl. I hope you are reading this when you are in your lowest in your life, because that is when exactly when I want you to remember me. Your Daddy.

You may have thought earlier today that life is so unfair and people are so cruel. Yes, they are. This life, is cruel and un-forgiving. This life is also unpredictable, short when happy, long when sad. This life will test you. People will fail you. Situations will disown you and the world will forget you. But you my child arenone of the above. You are much more than this life. You are the very essence of so many lives around you. If today you are at crossroads wondering what you next step should be or maybe you have already thought about your next step, please do as your heart permits and mind wills. I may be here in your life today or maybe you are reading this after I am gone- but my baby, I am there in your
every decision like the every breathe that sustains you.

I do not know whether this decision today or any decision after is good for you or bad. I don’t want to be the judge of that. But please go ahead and take that decision. I may live tomorrow in spite of knowing that this decision was wrong for you and still I let you take it without any hesitation. But I wonder how will you my child, live knowing your daddy wasn’t there when you wanted to take your step. I wonder how you will live, knowing what it means to give someone a last chance. I wonder how you will ever forgive yourself for not listening to your conscience but to what people around or your loved ones said.

There were times as a child when you used to come running to me with a little bruise or a broken toy, knowing that there is nothing my father wouldn’t be able to fix. Today when you are all grown, I still want you to come running to me like that, trusting that there is nothing your daddy cannot fix. I may need your help as well today, but I will be there.

You may not have achieved anything in life, in the time frame that the world decides when someone should, but you my baby girl are destined for greatness in your own sweet time. I never wanted for you to be a ‘popular kid’, I just hoped you would be sincere and loyal. Remember you do not have to prove yourself to anyone or anything. End of the day, if you can sleep in content, rest assured you have achieved greatness already.

Love will come into your life many a times. There is nothing called as first love, true love, this love or that love. Love my child, is Love. It is a big disappointment after all that you have read or seen in movies. Love is when you prepare a meal, when you leave a note, when you type ‘I miss you’, when you check on someone, when you wear your seatbelt and remind someone the same. Love is to wake up next to a person all annoyed but still choose to sleep next to him the next night. Love is when talk behind a person in the same way you talk behind their back. This, my child is Love.

These three virtues are the only ones you need my child. Knowing I have your back, Learn the feeling of Content and Remember what Love is. Rest everything my girl, is sprinkles on your sundae. The real deal are these three virtues.

Today while you are reading this, if you lack any of these virtues, please don’t feel any less. Sometimes we learn our virtues, sometimes they glide into our life knowingly. Give it time.

There are times when I will let you down. I am a Man, after all. Men aren’t exactly emotionally strong, as they seem to be my baby girl. You see my tough and confident exterior is basically just a shell over my inner vulnerability. I do have a little ego of my own. I may misunderstand you at times and not live up to your expectations. Forgive me for that, my Baby girl. Forgive me for the times, I failed
to be your Hero and added to your brokenness. You see, there are times when I know what is good for you but you choose to ignore me. It is then I forget that you are an individual of your own, apart from being my little princess. It is then that I forget that I need to let you be, now and then, to learn from your mistakes, take your own decisions and take chances. There is no fixed time frame to learn.

Sometimes my child, my Love for you makes me very afraid. It scares me to even think I may lose you to a bad decision .I hope I remember that it is not always that you need my help or advice. Sometimes you only need my nod and my support. Forgive me when I behave like the rest of the world and don’t give you chances or when I speak negatively towards your decision, which you may take months to decide and ponder over.

You , my boisterous beauty, are a soul on fire, an unknown force to be reckoned with. Some days, my girl, please be a little rebel and go against me if your heart wills and mind permits. It may be a good or a bad outcome but being a rebel is good at times. I hope I never tell you, ‘I told you so’; that I know would break your confidence. I remember how your eyes look towards me for hope, be it the first time u held my finger or today when you are at life’ crossroads. I know you have faith in my faith towards you. Hope I live up to it. I believe in you and you make me proud in so many ways. Never let a bad phase decide your future and never let people decide our relationship. I believe in you and no matter what they say; you my child are my trust.

Be very proud of what and who you are. Be very proud of how I have raised you. There is no ground rule to raise a child- let no one tell you otherwise. You do not any day in your life, need justification or approval from anybody in the world, including me at times. This way my baby girl, whoever out there will not be able to break you emotionally. The day I do by any chance, please talk to me. Break all the stereotypes and put your good vibes to work; rather than going against your heart. Goodness is a very powerful thing my child. And so is the sense of belonging. The day you are on crossroads and broken with life’ unfair decision or your mind is in turmoil in a place you don’t want to be, please take
your bags and come home to me. Please don’t ask me whether you are welcome. Remember the first time you walked on your feet my finger was your support and today my heart is your home.

Be whatever you want to be. Labels my baby girl are for Jars, not people.
With blessings and a Love that may be flawed but is true,
Your Daddy.

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