August 2016

Hello from Me This month is Universally celebrated as friendship month. Wonder why this particular month is kept aside when every single day we enjoy this bond in different forms. Friendship I believe is no accident. When one walks into your life it could be for a reason or for a season. Then those are those who walk in and never walk out. We live in a world where the means to stay in touch and myriad but reasons are just a few. A world where a coffee shared in between friends is much warmer then the blood that runs between relatives.

A world where a ‘so called’ friend may talk to you and in the next hour talk about you! This and a lot more to sometimes cherish this relationship called friendship and sometimes abhor the very thought of a trusted friend.

I would like to believe that I have chosen mine wisely and can count them on my fingers. Those for many may be very few but I know for a fact those are way better than a hundred others!

A true friend holds you up in times when you slack A true friend has only good things to say behind your back!

Having said all of this I would like to let you know that in spite of being a very good friend to someone you may not receive the same nor you will be reciprocated; but that does not matter. Don’t lose your faith in this bond yet, be to someone what you would like them to be to you. Someday somewhere the fine threads Will pull towards you a good deed gone astray Someday somehow you shall realise That friend was meant for just another day Something somewhere will make work it’s magic And note your best feeling down Someone somehow will rescue you And put a smile upon your frown! Be a good friend today!

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