Its good to be a little broken girl

Please take it from me

The light of laughter will then find a way

To enter into thee

And while you pick the pieces of your puzzled life

Please pull yourself up high

The floor beneath your feet may have caved in

Never forget, above, is a vast sky

That is where your head should be

High up in the passing clouds

And when it pours it shall wash away

All your misery and doubt

Don’t be afraid to be chipped and cracked

Like an old vintage vase

This time will not last forever

It is just a passing phase

These fine cracks will speak to people

When your lips are silent to accept

You will only grow to love these wounds

Which you now clearly detest

Spread your arms and exhale out

The nagging burden on your chest

And when you inhale put your arms around

And embrace your own self!

If tears are a part of your healing

Go ahead and cry a river

And then patiently build a bridge and cross your own fear

Understand the shattering of your brokenness

Was the loudest quiet ever!

We are all a little broken, my girl

Please take it again from me,

This brokenness will now help

To let the calm flow within thee,

Be proud to show the world

How broken you once were

Someone may be hiding their brokenness

In fear of losing their laughter!








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