I never fell in love with you I walked into it,

Eyes open wide and heart all sound,

Believing in fate and destiny,

This step I chose to take

Now it is for you and me

Of all this what we make

Fate they say has a place

What we believe is what we can,

We are fated to live by what we choose

Whether we gain or eventually lose.

Just like the way I chose you then,

I would choose you now,

I would choose you all over again no matter how,

There would be a different lifetime someday

A different world somewhere,

A different me too

But I would again choose you!

I would wait, watch, seek and find,

Put all my feelings behind,

Happiness hasn’t been the same anymore

Nor has sadness walked out of the door,

But I know this lacking heart would not understand,

It would travel everywhere,

But eventually in your arms land,

That isn’t my concern

It never has been,

I am sure of you now,

You have always been a part of my being.

A sane mind I have now that refuses to lose,

I am sure of my choice.

But given a second chance, would it be Me that

You would choose?

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