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I want to kill this feeling Dad
Of you forever being missed,
Shout your name and on your cheeks,
Plant a big sloppy kiss!
I want to dig my face, into your chest,
And smell your sweet Cologne..
Lay my head on your shoulder,
Call you all my own!
Your rugged and sturdy hands are missed,
By my delicate palms..
Life is now an adrift boat,
Flowing calm after a storm.
The man who is my soul mate now..
Says, I am his entire world,
How do I ever explain to him..
I’ll always be my ‘Daddy’s Little girl’?
Your grandchild, Dad
Smirks just like you did..
Sharp nose like you..
Fingers slender too.
The sweet tooth and love for travelling,
She got it all from you!
But the most I miss about you now..
Are Mother’s sparkling eyes,
For they have stayed forlorn since,
When in our family you left a void!
Your memory is my biggest treasure
And I won’t ask you back
I know some little girl above
Has found in you, her Dad.
Up there she must be giggling
When you tickle her with love,
I lament and weep, for you in my heart deep buried….
And the heavens rejoice with you now!

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