Left me a Garden

When I am gone

And left will be my memory

Then you shall want to write

On me a story

You shall talk about me

With everyone you meet

Compare my smile with your son

And with your daughter my feet

You may pray for another day with me,

May be on my grave-

Plant a flower bush or an apple tree

You may now weep bitter memory,

That I am gone,

Or cherish my every little memory

And live on.

You’ll absorb my smells

Walking around my room,

Then creep into the garden

And smell every new bloom

Now while you are in there

Do not walk away;

Stay my darling and weep

And all you tears away.

And as you weep

Touching every new leaf

See how magically this will calm your grief.

For every single seed there,

Was planted by me, your dad,

While you were weeping over my absence;

In the room within walls,

Forgetting the living memory of me you had!

These roots here run deep

And so do the values given by me

Grow in abundance

And make me proud of thee,

These new sprouts you see are the hopes of a day anew.

Teary nights would pass away,

Although joy now seen a few.

The sturdy bark is my strength,

In your will towards life

No hurdle can falter your growth

No matter the pain and strife

Walk further down my baby,

Here the birds merrily sing.

Remember how our little talks,

Always gave flight to your wings.

Dance away with the gentle breeze

And capture the dew that glistens

Your every single word

From above, now, I listen.


Water it, prune it, keep it clean

Never let my garden wither

May it always reflect green


Watching you from afar now

I’m loving you even more

Earlier you shared my love for this garden

Now you got to love it more.


No matter what they say

Never let with their words your heart harden

Fathers may leave power and wealth to their heir

For my baby girl, I left an entire garden!


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