Love in the Ashes

Fluttering through the damp dried letters,

For one last time,

She gazed at the dates, reminiscing,

The time flown behind,

They were written for every occasion,

But never posted nor given,

She now wondered why did she write them even!

The first time they met and

How love grew over the years.

How she convinced, herself every single day

That he loved her and calmed her fears,

How his raised voice could turn her into floods of tears.

The insecure scared feeling,

The unexplained conversations,

The shattering of dreams,

Palpitations that hit her ribcage.

The bickering of the world against her faith

By the time she realized it got too late,

Although every single day,

She looked forward to love,

Her strength turned into weakness,

She managed to survive somehow!

Whenever she wanted to believe

It would not be the same

What she never realized

She was slowly going insane

The pain inflicted upon the heart

Is very hard to heal

The pricking of his harsh words

Every moment she could feel.

Then like a boat without an anchor,

The wind blew her wild,

She curled herself within her soul,

Ad wept like a child.

The fake promises were now all out in open,

Her demons now clawed

Through her soul,

Grunting and groping,

Her heart refused to trust,

And mind failed to believe,

This is not how she imagined living.


A strangled breath,

Escaped her lips and got her to the present,

Love would never be the same;

The hard way,

She learnt her lesson.


While somewhere far he smiled calling another his life,

She lit the match over the letters clutching her pain and strife.


Her eyes had no emotion and no sense of doubt,

No sound escaped her lips

No cry, no shout,

Nothing was to regret,

Spilled near her feet were the matches,

Once he meant the world to her,

Now all that remained were mere ashes!

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