Loved yourself Enough?

No one is going to love you the way you have imagined,
No one is going to leave post-its on your pillow or the mirror every morning,
No one is going to take you fancy dinners every night or exotic holiday every season,
Not everyone will love you unconditionally, without reason.
No, there will not be a frog prince,
Or one wandering about with a lost shoe,
There will not be someone waking you up, with the kiss of life from a deep sleep,
Or hold you every single nightmare,
And in your fear weep!
Someone will fold under pressure,
Someone will quit when it gets tough,
Someone might give you their all, but it may never be enough!
Understand this , give it a thought or two,
Love yourself first, love hard and true,
In all sincerity, take every day as new!
Smile at yourself every morning,
Show gratitude towards your life at nightfall,
Don’t get burdened with life’s troubles,
But in troubled waters, stand tall!
No one should tarnish your sparkle
Nor should someone direct your life’s show,
No one should steal the candles of your iced cake,
If they cannot add any more!

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