She stared into her reflection

Wiped her tear stained face

Her handkerchief was fancy

Made of silk trimmed lace

She then wiped the mirror, clear of all haze

A faraway penetrating stare back at her gazed

Pupils were heavy, eyes deep red

Swollen were her nerves

Dizzy feeling in her head.

As slowly as she enveloped the world within her eyes,

The mirror engulfed her in a fire,

Which her soul could not confide.

It went beneath her skin and her Auburn dark hair,

She questioned the mirror ‘ Is there peace anywhere ‘?

The flames arose,  heart flushing in an answer

Not a being, would take her strife,

The voice was now asking,

To look at her life..

For the times she kept trying,

For the long lonely nights spent crying,

When her mountain of strength collapsed into pieces..

..by the rivers of accusations that flowed.

When her petrified heart declared herself broke ,

With nightmares,  in sweat,  she awoke.

The voice now soothing, asked,

“Open wide those shut eyes,

Let those blazing flames subside,

Breathe again freely, it’s now been awhile,

Look away from your reflection,

Smile to be satisfied,

Mirrors lie, they do not show you what’s inside!”

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