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Strength Of A Woman

You are it.
You are the best of both the worlds,
The best there is and yet to be.
You are only going to get better each day,
You are one hell of a boss babe,
With a kind and soft heart,
You can handle what no one can,
Look gorgeous and lovely as it is,
But look series that with that tan!
As weird as you are, as confident as you can be,
Remember lassie, there is none like thee!
Legendary Red lipstick and the Little Black Dress
Came into being because you wanted to.
That famous Mirror got an entity,
Because looking into it, you started to!
You know your best; you know your worst,
You’ll always treasure your last,
Never forget your first!
Whether a size zero
Or 20, 10 or 8,
You are what the catch is,
Not some bloody bait!
You aren’t that helpless princess,
That they portray needs to be rescued
You pick a child, on 6 inch heels with ease
That itself needs to be feared!
You are that woman he is fighting for,
You are that woman he is praying for,
Waiting for, anticipating for,
He isn’t the one, if he puts you down,
Hug your pieces together, fix your crown!
Hold all your titles.
Frame all your degrees.
Keep your heart on your sleeve.
Remember your priceless value!
Roll your tongue over your teeth,
Smile with the innocence, of the child you make,
Let your eyes dance
with the rhythm of your zillion emotions-
That you now and then, fake.
Where there are chances- take.
Where there are rules- break.
Be alert, be curious, be powerful,
Build another woman up!
May the universe rejoice every morning
when you wake up!
You are not to be celebrated for just a day
But for an entire lifetime,
You are the Alpha and the Omega,
You my lady, are our race’ lifeline!

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